FSO found a replacement for the curator the presidential residence “Bocharov Ruchey”

The new head

For the post of head of the security in the Caucasus (JUICE) of the FSO that is responsible for all public facilities in the South of the country, including the residence of the President and the Prime Minister, appointed Sergei Kravchenko, said the source close to the leadership of the Department. This information is confirmed by the materials of public procurement and an extract from the Unified state register of legal entities. a decree on the appointment was not published on the Kremlin website.

Kravchenko has replaced on this post the General-major Gennady Lopyreva, who was the head of the Caucasian Department since 2003. 25 November 2016, he was detained by employees of FSB and SKR. Lopyreva was charged with receiving a bribe in especially large amount (part 6, item 290 of the criminal code). According to investigators, the General was taking money from “a number of heads of commercial structures for the overall protection in the conclusion and execution of public contracts for the repair and construction works”.

Lopyrev signed the final agreement on 5 September. From September 19, under all agreements in the framework of public procurement has entered into this division FSO, is the name Kravchenko, and his position as acting head of the JUICE of the FSO. In the contract of 22 December 2016 Kravchenko is listed as the head of security in the Caucasus. In the register the corresponding entry of the change of leadership was introduced on 11 January 2017.

From September Kravchenko signed contracts totaling almost 2.2 billion rubles, follows from the data “SPARK-Marketing”. The largest tender — “reconstruction of the building No. 3 on the Service object” for the sum of slightly more than 1.8 billion rubles. the winner of the competition became the management company “Credo”. The second largest contract — 258,6 million rbl. on reconstruction of the press centre at the presidential residence “Bocharov Ruchey” was concluded with company “Stroykomplekt”, among the owners of which, until 2012, according to the “SPARK” was Dmitry Sergeev — the person involved in “business culture”.

The official biography of Kravchenko was never published. In a press-service FSO is not promptly responded to a request to provide information about the career of the new head of the Caucasian division.

The case of General

Check in FSO, the results of which were arrested Lopyrev, was commissioned by the Director of the office of Dmitry Kochneva, who took office in may 2016. As explained a source close to the presidential administration, and was confirmed by a source close to the leadership of the FSB, Lopyrev had to resign at least six months prior to detention. “Talk about the fact that this position needs someone younger, was a long time ago,” — said the source close to the office of the Kremlin. According to him, it was assumed that in place of a General comes one of the employees of the presidential security group (part of FSS).

Kochnev tried to get rid of a General who was part of the team of the former Director, FSO Evgeny Murov, I’m sure a high-ranking source in one of power departments. “Kochnev needed an excuse, and he was able to find,” wrote Vedomosti, citing a source close to the service. According to him, Lopyrev “acquired a reputation for helping to solve problems associated with land and construction.”

The dismissal did not take place because Lopyrev a very important figure,” said the sources . “He knew what objects were built [on the black sea coast], on what to spend money. All this passed through him,” said a source close to the Kremlin.

Loparev worked closely with the Sochi authorities, confirmed a source in the leadership of the city. For example, he was part of the delegation that represented the city at an investment forum “Sochi-2012”. In connection with the investigation for several weeks audited in the Sochi administration, noted the source.

The residence of the President

Editor in chief of the Sochi Corporation “Max Media Grupp” Natalia Boyko said that the detention of a senior FSO may be associated with the construction of the house in Bocharov Stream near the residence of the President. Against this construction, according to her, during the long time locals protested. Boyko said that a lawsuit was heard in court, and FSO supported the residents of Sochi. The position of the Agency was changed before the court of last resort.

“Vedomosti” noted that this development project “irritated the administration of the President”, “Right behind the fence of the presidential residence “Bocharov the stream” has built a high-rise building — despite the concerns of the President and his repeated requests to subordinates (including FSO) to understand and to stop construction obviously violating the security zone of the residence”.

As calculated on the basis of the data “SPARK-Marketing”, since 2011, security in the Caucasus FSO has signed almost 4.4 thousand state contracts for a total amount of 18.2 billion rubles. the Largest contractor, became FGUP “Ateks”. The company was engaged, including construction and reconstruction on the territory of Bocharov Ruchey.

“Ateks” is associated with the St. Petersburg businessman Dmitry Mikhalchenko, who is accused of smuggling. Familiarity with businessman influenced the fate of several high-ranking employees of power structures, said sources close to the FSB. With the name Mikhalchenko associated the resignation of the Director, FSO Evgeny Murov and chief of the Department “K” of the economic security service of FSB (counter-intelligence is engaged in providing credit and financial services) Victor Voronin.