The media learned about the Pentagon to increase the military budget to $30 billion

The new leadership of the Pentagon will submit to Congress its draft of the defense budget, which includes an increase in spending to $30 billion, reports Associated Press with reference to “informal proposals”, submitted to the disposal Agency.

These proposals, according to the Agency, can partially be used in the preparation of the budget for 2017 that can be submitted to Congress in the near future. It is expected that they will serve as a “powerful incentive” in order to remove the strict limits on military spending under the 2011 budget, notes the AP.

In the Committee of the house of representatives of the Congress of the United States armed forces on February 7, scheduled hearings with the participation of several representatives of the Pentagon against all types of troops on the state of Affairs in the US air force after the reduction in military spending.

According to the document, which was available to the Associated Press, the marine Corps of the United States intends to seek $4.2 billion on new weapons and the payment current accounts of the US Navy — $12 billion for the purchase of carrier-based fighter-bombers Super Hornet landing ships of the type “San Antonio” and missiles “air-air” Sidewinder. The army requests $8.2 billion for weapons modernization and training of the soldiers, and the US air force — $6.2 billion for the purchase of multirole fighter-bombers of the fifth generation F-35.

The Chairman of the Committee on armed services of the U.S. house of representatives Mac Thornberry said in Congress in a positive attitude to the idea of increasing defense spending due to the fact that during the presidency of Barack Obama, it was in steady decline. “I’m pretty optimistic about the fact that increasing defence spending is approved”, — quotes Thornberry Associated Press.

During his election campaign, Donald trump has repeatedly stated the need to strengthen the defense capability of the country.

The US President Donald trump was appointed head of the Pentagon, General James Mattis. The Senate approved his nomination to the post in the day of the inauguration of trump, January 20.