S&P predicted the preservation of Russia “junk” rating for two years

As suggested in an interview with Reuters, Kramer, who is the head of sovereign ratings for S&P, “the sovereign credit rating of Russia for at least a year or two will remain on non-investment level.”

Kramer explained his forecast by the lack of dynamism and diversification of the Russian economy. The population of the country, he said, is declining and support for the budget in recent years has provided a more substantial recovery in oil prices.

Premature expert Agency called talk of lifting sanctions against Russia, the United States, beginning with the election of Donald trump. Kramer explained by the fact that the us restrictions from the economic point of view is not so important for Russia. More important would be a change in the sanctions regime of the EU, which have more extensive trade relations.

Currently, the sovereign credit rating of Russia by S&P in January 2015 was set as BB+, below investment grade. “Junk” rating of Russian do’s and Moody’s.

At the investment level of the three major rating agencies Russia only estimates Fitch.