The DNR said proved the involvement of the security services of Ukraine to murder Givi

The investigating authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk people’s Republic (DPR) considers two versions of murder of the commander of the battalion “Somalia” Mikhail Tolstykh (Givi) is a shot from a flame thrower “bumblebee” and the undermining of an explosive device, reports “Donetsk news Agency” with reference to the interlocutor in the operational command of the DNI.

According to him, investigators have managed to prove involvement in the murder of “several persons” and their interaction with the Ukrainian security services. “We do not disclose their names in the interests of the investigation and are confident that those who planned this murder, you’ll regret this” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Tolstoy was killed on February 8 at 6:12 MSK in his office in the city of Makeyevka. One of the former leaders of the DNI Igor Strelkov on his page “Vkontakte” wrote that, according to him, the room, which was Thick, was fired at from a grenade launcher “bumblebee”. These data are previously confirmed and representatives of the military command of the unrecognized Republic. Confirmed data about the murder of Givi in the attack of the flamethrower “bumblebee” in the operational command of the DNI.

In DND stated that the murder of Ukrainian special services, “their efforts to destabilize the situation in the Republic”. The perpetrators called a “subversive group”.

The representative of the operational command of the DND Eduard Bacurin stated that it is not excluded the involvement of the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiryak. The one in conversation with has rejected the charges, noting that the unrecognized Republic “you need someone to blame”. In addition, he said that he was aware of “serious disagreements” between the Thick and the head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko. “In the event of liquidation of the Givi is too early to say that the Russian intelligence Agency or a cabal with Zakharchenko”, — Shkiryak noted.

The Kremlin is the Russian involvement in the death of Givi excluded. Zakharchenko day on February 9 called for the position of the militia, where he recorded a video message in which he suggested that the purpose of “terrorist attacks” — including murder Givi — was to try “to move the situation on the confrontation line”. “We are forced to take revenge for the Bear to attack”, — said Zakharchenko, noting that militias provoke to disrupt the Minsk agreement. “This attack will be completely random, so we will be prepared, and for Givi in any case we will take revenge”, — he promised.