Bad attitude of Russians to NATO reached its highest level since 2008

The number of Russians who consider NATO a threat, reached 67% in 2016, according to the American service of public opinion polls Gallup. It is noted that since she started doing these calculations in 2008 is the highest value. With 2012 the growth amounted to 29%.

As stressed by service, bad attitude of Russia to the Alliance “is not a surprise,” given that NATO includes a number of post-Soviet States and criticizes Moscow’s actions towards Ukraine.

Citizens of countries which are included in the Russian sphere of influence and which are not members of NATO also have a penchant for a bad attitude to NATO, says Gallup. In Belarus, this value is 54% (an increase of 19% from 2012). In Ukraine, the threat of NATO called 35%, in Kazakhstan — 31%, in Kyrgyzstan — 30%, Moldova — 27%, Armenia — 20%, Tajikistan — 34%.