CNN learned of the confirmation of the report about the dirt on trump

US intelligence agencies confirmed the authenticity of the first part of the report about the presence of Russia compromising information on President Donald trump. This is with reference to sources reported by CNN.

According to the channel, a confirmation for information about the telephone conversations associated with compromising. Intelligence agencies can not disclose information. handed down by phone, however, confirm that the telephone contacts described in the report took place. In particular, the confirmed information about time of calls, the personalities of the caller and places where to make calls. According to sources the channel, these data allow intelligence agencies “with more confidence” to talk about the credibility of the entire dossier as a whole.

Information about calls were received during a “routine exploration”. Intelligence agencies managed to intercept calls who have made some foreign citizens, including those associated with the Russian government. Some of the callers were known to have sought out information that could discredit Hillary Clinton in her fight for the presidency with trump.

The officials, who was able to contact CNN, note that all this does not give the ability to say with confidence that the Russian government really have dirt on trump.

The official press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer in response to an attempt by journalists to comment on the matter, said: “We are still a disgusting false news CNN”.

The press service of the justice Department, the FBI, the CIA and the office of the Director of national intelligence official declined to comment.

BuzzFeed published a 35-page dossier of dirt on Donald trump on January 11. It said that Russian special services have information compromising the President of the United States. In particular, the document describes that in one of his trips to Moscow billionaire lived in the hotel “Ritz-Carlton” and ordered prostitutes. In the room, according to the source, has installed hidden cameras and wiretapping.

On the same day, CNN reported that U.S. intelligence has proof that the Russian side has dirt on trump. As claimed by the TV station, Barack Obama himself, Donald trump was informed of this using a secret U.S. intelligence report.

Later, during his first press conference as President-elect trump refused to take a question from a CNN correspondent called the channel “[manufacturer] fake news”.