Fire: what and why criticize the closest advisers trump

Adviser to the President on political Affairs Stephen Miller said in an interview on ABC that the government has evidence of the rigging in the elections of the President of the United States. According to him, in the vote was attended by people without citizenship and those who are listed as dead. “The white house has provided a huge amount of evidence about the deception of voters, [including] the fact that the vote of the people residing in more than one state,” he said.

Earlier that during the voting there had been fraud, said after his victory in the US presidential election Donald trump. According to him, the violations relate to the three States where victory was won by his rival from Democratic party Hillary Clinton — Virginia, new Hampshire and California. The press Secretary of Barack Obama on 29 November 2016, these statements were refuted, saying that Washington did not have any evidence of fraud.

The election is over, elections soon

Last week, Politico reported that trump is again talking about election fraud during a meeting with senators, saying that otherwise he would be able to overtake Hillary Clinton in the number of voters in the state of new Hampshire. In this state, Clinton bypassed trump less than 3,000 votes and thus received four electoral votes.

This publication led to the fact that the journalist of TV channel ABC gave Stephen Miller a direct question whether the White house provide evidence of these falsifications. The Washington Post writes that the approval of the Advisor that some voters are registered in several States simultaneously, and that the deceased US citizens are in the lists of registered voters, true. However, the publication notes that this is not the result of intentional fraud, and the shortcomings of the system of registration of voters and the indifference of relatives who did not inform the registration Committee about the death of loved ones.

Donald trump praised interview with his subordinate, and wrote in support of a tweet: “Congratulations to Stephen Miller represented me today on the Sunday show. Great job!” Quite different is the assessment of the answers received in the press. The fact that Miller refused to provide evidence of fraud live, mentioning that the problem is “widely known” to those who worked during the election in new Hampshire, allowed The Washington Post to accuse him of lying and to put the question of whether such an untrusted person to be part of the team of the White house.

Miller intends brought to the issue of election fraud, says expert-americanist Dmitry Drobnicki. Miller — one of the ideologists of tranism and the man who stands at the origins of the ideology of “America first”. As a devotee of the Buddha people who supported him in the early stages of the election campaign, Miller was to protect the President. The theme of fraud in the last election will not go away, because the American political elite is gradually starting to prepare for interim elections to the Congress of 2018, when once again acutely raise the question about the basis of the election the number of registered voters and the rules of admission to voting, said Drobnicki.

In addition, in the same interview, Miller refused to answer the question of whether to trust trump his national security Advisor, Michael Flynn. “This is a question that you should ask the President or his chief of staff (the Raines Pribus. — ). I have nothing to say on this subject,” said Miller.

Flynn summed up the Protocol

The statements of Miller — only a part of a series of scandals involving advisers trump. The main crisis of the President’s team is associated with the figure of the national security adviser Michael Flynn. His conversation with the Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak gave to the contradictions within the administration, said on CNN, The Wall Street Journal and other American media with reference to its sources among the high-ranking employees of the White house.

We are talking about a series of conversations Flynn and Kislyak held on 29 December last year. Flynn suspected that during one of the conversations touched on the subject of us sanctions against Russia, the article says The Washington Post. With reference to officials of the current and previous administrations, the newspaper reported that Flynn was at least five times said Kislyak on this day, and later several times changed the version of what was discussed. On 8 February he said that not discussed in a conversation with Kislyak sanctions, but then the next day announced through a representative that he did not remember exactly and can’t be sure that this theme was not raised. For Flynn, the situation is complicated by the fact that he stood up for Vice-President Michael Penny, which is 15 January, shortly before its official inauguration, said that he had a Frank conversation with Flynn and can confirm that he was not concerned in the conversation with the Russian Ambassador about sanctions.

The situation with Flynn led to the fact that the White house began to ponder whether or not to store it on a post on a post of the adviser to the President on national security, said a source in the administration to question the WSJ. If Flynn had discussed such issues with the Ambassador, that means he violated the Logan act, which forbids U.S. citizens to conduct unauthorized negotiations with official representatives of foreign States.

Meanwhile, in U.S. history not a single person was convicted under this law, notes Drobnicki in conversation with . Charges were brought against him only once, in 1803, and in the end still shot.

The WSJ notes that Flynn has apologized to the President but the official position of trump while were not made public.

Before becoming an Advisor to trump on national security, Michael Flynn was in Russia several times, including as Director of the intelligence Department of the Ministry of defence. Allegations that he keeps a personal contact with senior officials in the Putin administration, Flynn deserved after he appeared at an event dedicated to the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the TV channel Russia Today in 2016: then he sat next to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In an interview with Washington Post on this occasion, he told us that during this event it was first presented to Putin, but to talk to them then failed.

Not just Flynn

The next day after the information about the conversation with Sergei Kislyak, Michael Flynn was published, the CIA refused to grant the highest security clearance a leading Advisor to Flynn’s Robin Townley, writes Politico. The publication notes with reference to its sources that this fact is “infuriated” by Michael Flynn.

Townley — a specialist on Africa — previously served in the intelligence service and the highest level he needed to to be on the national security Council under the President of the United States as the curator of African destinations. The refusal of the CIA to provide him with this level of admission means that Townley this position will not receive. The CIA’s actions is an attack on himself and Flynn in close to people, says one of the interlocutors Politico.

Team trump staffed with strong professionals who narrow professional circles have more authority, they are people with deep-seated self-views, the expert of the Russian Council on international Affairs Maxim Suchkov. According to experts, the meeting of so many strong personalities in one team leads to internal conflict of tendencies to the formation of mini-alliances of some advisers and Ministers.

In this regard, the case with Flynn revealing: its unofficial, though melodramy conflict with CIA Director Michael Pompeo has already provoked a crisis with the purpose of Townley and similar cases likely will arise in the future, experts say.

Apart from Michael Flynn’s public criticism of the faces, and the White house chief of staff Raines Pribus. Christopher ruddy, CEO of the New holding company Max Media, known as one of the first financial contributors to the election campaign of Donald trump and, according to The Washington Post, “a friend of trump’s,” said in an interview that he believes Primus unsuitable to work as a White house chief of staff. These thoughts he shared after a half-hour private conversation with the US President over the weekend. “It’s pretty clear that the guy jumped higher than himself. He is not aware of how Federal agencies work, how to construct communication. He messed with the introduction of the immigration law. It was supposed to be a victory for Donald, not two or three weeks of negative information,” said ruddy, and explained that expresses a personal opinion and not the opinion of the President. Ruddy later slightly softened his criticism by writing in his Twitter that Primus informed him about his future plans and that he found them “impressive”.

Before to take the post of chief of staff of the White house, Priebus headed the national Committee of the Republican party and in may 2016 was known as one of the critics of trump.

In addition, he is closely associated with the influential members of the conservative “tea party Movement” within the Republican party Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker and the speaker of the U.S. house of representatives Paul Ryan and his appointment as the chief of staff of the White house signals that trump managed to find the point of intersection with this influential group, said Drobnicki.

“Political opponents of Donald trump after the election, which was won by trump, there are only two ways to keep it policies — court line and attempts to influence personnel appointments in the administration. Any rumors and leaks about his dissatisfaction with trump’s closest advisers will play into their hands”, — the expert believes. Drobnicki also notes that trump has brought to his people far from the political mainstream in General and from the political mainstream of the Republican party in particular, it is not surprising that under the “fire” people from the entourage of the President. The war on the staffing front will continue, experts predict.