The public chamber has proposed to set a minimum price for cigarettes

A pack of cigarettes, you need to set a minimum price, similar to a bottle of vodka, came to the conclusion in the Public chamber (OP). This proposal is contained in the OP opinion on the draft concept of the Ministry of health anti-Smoking from 2017 to 2020. A copy of the opinion is at .

The minimum price of a pack of cigarettes should be recorded in the area 62 to 65 RUB and rise depending on inflation, said the author of the initiative, Deputy Chairman of the Commission on the development of social infrastructure, local government and housing OP Artem Kiryanov.

Today in Russia the minimum price of a pack tailor made for each brand and type of cigarette. They depend on the maximum value established by the manufacturer for specific products and can achieve at least 75% of it. For example, if the maximum price for any cigarette is 100 RUB, they can not be sold for less than 75 rubles., 75 if., that they can not let go in less than 56,25 RUB.

The existing mechanism of binding minimum retail price maximum is not effective, consider in the OP — in fact, it allows manufacturers to reduce the price to the consumer by 25% and fill the market with cheap cigarettes.

Single the minimum price for a pack will make cigarettes more expensive and reduce the demand for tobacco, said Kiryanov. In addition, the introduction of this bar will increase tax revenues from sales. “The higher retail price, the more revenue from VAT and from excise tax,” — said Kiryanov.

The minimum price should promote and protect the market from counterfeit and contraband products, I am sure Kiryanov. Law enforcement agencies will be able to focus on this indicator as on the indicator in the detection of adulteration. The minimum price really would simplify regulation of the market and would deliver bona fide producers from competition with manufacturers of fakes, I agree the editor in chief of branch news Agency “Russian tobacco” Maxim Korolev.

The method of establishing a uniform minimum cigarette prices should be determined by the government, suggested Kiryanov. It should be based on costs incurred by manufacturers.

“If there is a single threshold, below which you cannot sell cigarettes, it is important to reflect the actual prevailing level of prices of legitimate products, which paid all the taxes, and thus do not undermine the legal market”, — said Vice-President of JTI, corporate Affairs and communications Russia Sergey Kiselev. According to the Agency Nielsen, the average price of a pack of cigarettes in the lower price segment in 2016 was 63.9 RUB.

In may 2014, Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on economic policy Victor Zvagelsky has already taken the initiative of establishing a single minimum price for cigarettes. He drafted a bill, which set the cost of a pack 55 RUB Offer Zvagelsky has not found support in the government.

The suggestions OP received the Ministry of health, reported in a press-Department service. They will be considered together with all other feedback on the concept in the near future.

The Ministry of health has developed the concept of the anti-Smoking framework Convention on tobacco control, which entered into force in 2005 at the initiative of the world health organization (who). The document was sent for approval to the 18 departments. The comments have already expressed the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and FAS.

The final framework should adopt in government. The health Ministry expects that it will be adopted in the course of the year, told in a press-Department service .