Fund to protect depositors will move in the Crimea

That the depositors protection Fund “moved” to Crimea under the control of local authorities, said several sources in power structures of the Crimea and the Russian government. According to sources , the agreement on the transfer of the DIA from the DIA to the Crimean authorities was reached on Friday, 10 February, at a meeting with Deputy Chairman of RF government Dmitry Kozak. For the implementation of these agreements are technically necessary to amend the law “On protection of interests of individuals having deposits with banks and isolated structural divisions of banks registered and (or) operating in the territory of the Republic of Crimea and on territory of Federal city of Sevastopol”. This will be implemented in the near future, says one of the interlocutors .

The meeting, which was able to contact declined to comment. Did the same to DIA.

Now the depositors protection Fund is actually “daughter” DIA. Under the current wording of the act, the DIA establishes the Fund “in the form of Autonomous non-commercial organization for the purpose of implementation of the present Federal law, transfers the assets, issues administrative acts and exercise other powers envisaged by the present Federal law.”

In fact, the DIA had two functions: the payment of compensation for deposits at the expense of budgetary funds and work with the assets left out of the Crimea of the Ukrainian banks, at least for a partial refund incurred on payment of costs, explain the sources . “On deposits of almost all paid, what is left is not significant amounts and resources in order to cope with the recovery and, most importantly, the implementation of the resulting assets, the local Crimean authorities,” — said one of the interlocutors . According to the Foundation’s website, about 300 of real estate, 50 thousand for loans, numerous banking equipment (ATMs, furniture, etc.).

“In fact, the DIA their tasks in Crimea complied with the already obtained assets and numerous courts for foreclosure has not yet received much better cope local authorities, as understanding of the situation and of the administrative resource,” adds another source .

Officially, the bankers don’t want to comment on what is happening in the Crimea. Informally they agree that such a transfer of Fund from the Federal to the regional Crimean authorities can really improve the remaining Fund’s objectives. “Given that, as far as I know, the proceeds from the sale of assets will go to the Crimean budget, it gives local authorities a direct interest,” adds one of the sources . “This is not the only incentive to find new owners for the assets of Ukrainian banks from Crimea is easier, the local authorities know best the potential of interested parties who are not afraid of sanctions”, — he said.