Japan expressed Russia protest after naming the Kuril Islands

Japan has sent Russia a note of protest in connection with the assignment by the Russian government five Kuril Islands names. About it reports on Tuesday, February 14, the Agency Kyodo.

Last Friday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the naming of previously unnamed five Kuril Islands.

It was reported that the Islands were named in honor of Lieutenant General Kuzma Derevyanko, General-Lieutenant Alexei Gnecco, diplomat Andrei Gromyko, former Governor of Sakhalin Igor Farkhutdinov and captain Anna Shchetinina. With the idea of giving names to the Islands were made by Sakhalin division of Russian geographical society.

Chairman of the Department Sergey Ponomarev at the same time in an interview with TASS said that due to the disposal of the government a number of the Kuril Islands uvelichila to 82. “The names that appeared on the map of Russia, unfortunately, forgotten. We know that was an act of surrender of Japan, and the fact that it was signed by the General Kuzma Derevyanko, do not remember,” — said Ponomarev, adding that to name the island in honor of Andrei Gromyko proposed that the Ministry of foreign Affairs.