As Russian politicians reacted to the statement by the White house in the Crimea

As Russian politicians reacted to the statement by the White house in the Crimea

Dmitry Peskov, press Secretary of the President of Russia:

“This topic will not be discussed, because it cannot be discussed. Russia does not discuss issues related to its territory, with foreign partners” (Interfax)

Vyacheslav Volodin, Chairman of the state Duma:

“Let’s wait until the direct words of the President of the United States. And generally it is necessary to proceed from the execution of the election software. When people are elected, they are elected by the citizens not just for the beautiful head and the ability to speak, and for specific promises for specific solutions, approaches to problems, which will be implemented. US residents chose trump because he started talking about the need to end conflicts in Syria, Libya, to resolve the situation with Iraq to fight terrorism, to build relations with Russia, with China. If he refuses their pre-election commitments is a question of him” (Interfax)

Valentina Matvienko, Chairman of the Federation Council:

“Crimea is part of Russia, is the subject of the Russian Federation, for us, this issue is not negotiable, any other interpretation is unacceptable for us. We see that the pressure on trump from the point of view of what the current anti-Russian and other stereotyping certain forces are trying to push through” (“Interfax”)

Maria Zakharova, a spokesman for the Russian foreign Ministry:

“My territory is not returned. Crimea is the territory of the Russian Federation” (Interfax)

Leonid Slutsky, the head of the Duma Committee on international Affairs:

“The possibility of a reset in Russian-American relations is not crossed, but nevertheless such a statement [of Crimea] is like a cold shower, cool our some too fast and at the same time high expectations in respect of trump and his team” (“RIA Novosti”)

Viktor Ozerov, head of the Committee on defense and security of the Federation Council:

“We have repeatedly stated, I want to say about it now: the Crimea is not negotiable. To require us to return the Crimea to Ukraine is equivalent to what we would have asked US to return to Alaska. [His statements on Crimea trump] might want to repay the rabid criticism of being too sympathetic to President Vladimir Putin and the support of Moscow <…> the Nature of Donald trump is that he probably wants to discuss existing problems with the Russian President eye to eye” (Interfax)

Vladimir dzhabarov, the first Deputy head of the international Committee of the Federation Council:

“Donald trump yet its position on Ukraine, he only forms his team. I think all the information about what is happening in Ukraine, he is preparing the apparatus of the state. Expect a return of Crimea, which was annexed to Russia is absolutely legitimate, therefore, to consider, to trample on the opinion of 2 million Crimeans. It is excluded” (“RIA Novosti”)