New Pentagon chief has put a condition to allies

The Minister of defense in the administration of Donald trump James Mattis at a closed meeting in Brussels with representatives of member countries of NATO urged them to fulfil their obligations on military spending, otherwise States would reduce its support for the Alliance. He accused some countries is that they ignore the threats, including those coming from Russia, reports Reuters.

“I feel an obligation to inform you about the political reality in the United States, as well as to establish a fair demand from the people of my country about specific conditions”, — quotes the words of Mattis Reuters.

“America will implement its obligations, but if your country does not want to see America reducing its support of the Alliance, each of you must demonstrate a contribution to our common defense”, — said the head of the Pentagon.

It was the first trip to Europe Mattis as head of the Pentagon. In the course of it, according to the Agency, the defense Minister has tried to reassure its NATO allies that the United States supports the Alliance. His statements, amid concerns that member countries of the Alliance after the US President Donald trump called NATO an outdated organization.

“The Alliance remains the fundamental basis for the United States,” Mattis said to journalists before the meeting.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in an interview with reporters before the meeting, dismissed concerns about the changes in the US position regarding the support of NATO. “I am absolutely confident that this meeting will be announced on the transatlantic unity, the importance to stand together to protect each other and a very strong commitment of the United States of NATO”, — said Stoltenberg.