Deutsche Bank checked the account trump on the subject of relations with Russia

Deutsche Bank, which gave loans to Donald Trump and related companies billions of dollars, conducted an internal review of the personal account of the American President on the possible presence of ties with Russia. About it writes on Thursday the newspaper The Guardian, citing a source familiar with the situation.

According to the publication, Deutsche Bank, which itself has undergone inspections by the US justice Department tried to find evidence of whether the newly issued loans Trump financially Moscow.

According to the newspaper, the Deutsche Bank also are accounts of the immediate family of the American President – his daughter Ivanka, her husband Jared Kushner, who is President and mother Kouchner.

An internal review found no evidence of the ties of the President of the United States with Russia, the newspaper notes. However, Deutsche Bank require that the credit institution has engaged an independent auditor to check the Bank’s relationship with trump.

The democratic Congressman, representative of the budget Committee bill parcell Jr. told the paper: “We know that Deutsche Bank is the main creditor of President trump, and currently, the Bank is also being tested by the Ministry of justice for possible misconduct”. “I think for the American people it is important to know what connections the Bank has with the President, and whether the participation of Russia issued the Trump of loans”, – quotes the edition of his words.

Citing Bloomberg data, the publication writes that trump is currently Deutsche Bank about $300 million.

During the election race, the democratic candidate Hillary Clinton has accused trump in relations with Russia. The trump categorically denied the allegations. The debate about possible links of the American President to Moscow was resumed on the background of the story with his national security adviser Michael Flynn. This week he resigned from his post after it became known that he hid from colleagues at the White house the fact of communication with Russian Ambassador Kislyak Srijem in the course of which, according to some, was discussed sanctions.