Reuters found out about the police raids on Muslims of Russia and the CIS in Turkey

Turkish police conducted a series of raids in the houses of Russian-speaking Muslim migrants in Istanbul, some of which were as a result detained, and another part is sent out of the country, reports Reuters, citing witnesses raids and living in the city Russian-speaking Muslims. At least some of them have been sympathetic to radical Islamic movements, the Agency said.

Turkish police paid close attention to the community of Russian-speaking immigrants-Muslims living in Turkey, after a series of terrorist acts, responsibility for which was taken by the terrorists of ISIS (a terrorist organization banned in Russia ), writes Reuters.

The raids, the Agency said, are clear evidence of the resumption of close cooperation between the intelligence services of Turkey and Russia, which reaches a new level in the light of the joint struggle of the two countries against ISIL in Syria. In addition, the detention and expulsion of Russian-speaking immigrants-Muslims indicate changes in the historically established practice of accepting Turkey, the Muslim refugees from the Northern Caucasus who fought against the government troops of Russia, Reuters notes

Among the episodes that led to a change in policy of Turkey against the Russian-speaking Muslims, who arrived to the territory of Russia and CIS countries, Reuters points to the terrorist attack in new year’s eve in Istanbul nightclub Reina. On the night of January 1, 2017, a native of Uzbekistan Abdulkadir Masharipov opened fire with a Kalashnikov on visitors. The attack killed 39 people, injured 69. Turkish police arrested the attacker, and he admitted his guilt.

Another well-known terrorist attack organized by citizens of Dagestan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan in Turkey, occurred on 28 June 2016. Three terrorists opened fire on visitors of the international terminal of the airport. Ataturk in Istanbul and then blew himself up in different parts of the airport. The victims of the attack were 45 people, including 13 foreigners.

The official representative of the Turkish police told Reuters that police checks are held in different parts of Istanbul, regardless of who lives in them. According to him, the police searches for foreign citizens without passports or ID and thus “fights crime”.

Source Reuters Russian security services said that Moscow for the last three years Ankara sends a list of suspects of involvement in the terrorist attacks, however, Ankara only after the recent terrorist attacks in Turkey have allowed this information to move. The FSB and the Russian foreign Ministry did not respond to the official request of the Agency on data exchange with the Turkish intelligence service.