The Washington Post reported on possible criminal charges against Flynn

According to the us publication, January 24, Flynn talked with FBI agents and informed them that he had not discussed sanctions against Russia with the Ambassador Sergei Kislyak. Thus he told a lie, because the security services had details of the telephone conversation, the adviser to the President.

WP indicates that lying to the FBI is a criminal offence, however, the interlocutors of the newspaper suggested that to bring Flynn to justice is problematic. It is necessary to enlist the support of the Ministry of justice. In addition, Flynn will be able to try to interpret the notion of sanctions and thereby to explain his innocence.

The FBI have officially declined to comment on the message about the conversation with Flynn. The representative of the former adviser to trump announced that he had nothing to say.

Flynn left his post as national security Advisor on February 14. As the President explained trump, he personally asked the politician to resign, because he doesn’t like talking Flynn with Vice-President Mike Pence. The last Advisor to the President also said he hasn’t spoken with the dubious about sanctions.

The White house also stressed that he did not ask Flynn to discuss the issue of sanctions Russia’s representatives. However, he indicated that he could give it to him.