UNICEF said the growth to 1 million number in need of humanitarian aid children

The number of children in need of humanitarian assistance because of the conflict in Donbass reached 1 million, according to the UN children’s Fund (UNICEF). According to him, compared to the same period last year this number doubled.

As the organization notes, the number of needy children rose by 420 thousand people and this is due to the “continuing fighting and a steady deterioration of life in the East of Ukraine.” In the region, according to UNICEF, 1.7 million people were internally displaced and many families lost their incomes, social benefits and access to health care.

The situation is particularly difficult for the approximately 200 thousand children living within a radius of 15 km from the demarcation line in the Donbass, emphasizes the organization. In this area, 19 thousand children live in constant danger from mines and other unexploded ordnance, and 12 thousand live in the settlements that are being fired at least once a month. Thousands of children are regularly forced to find refuge in improvised bomb shelters.

At the same time, as pointed out by UNICEF, 740 schools in the East of Ukraine were damaged or destroyed.

“It’s an invisible emergency — a crisis that by most of the world is forgotten,” said Giovanna Barberis, UNICEF representative in Ukraine.