Lavrov linked the abolition of the counter-sanctions with the implementation of the Minsk agreements

The withdrawal of Russia’s counter-sanctions from EU countries is possible only after the Minsk agreement will be fully implemented. This was stated by foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, speaking on 18 February at the Munich security conference.

“We also want the Minsk agreements to be fulfilled, and we are their sanctions will not be off the European Union, the Minsk agreement are not fulfilled,” Lavrov said (quoted by “Interfax”).

He added that the “formula” according to which the European Union will lift the sanctions only when Russia will fulfill the Minsk dogovorennosty sounds “illogical and artificially”.

Lavrov added that the real picture and the reasons why the Minsk agreement are not met, “well known in Paris, and in Berlin, and, I hope, in Washington.” “Yes, and in other capitals. Including the headquarters of NATO”, — quotes the Minister “RIA Novosti”.