The number of counterfeit foreign banknotes were upgraded in Russia for a maximum of 7 years

In 2016, Russia has been revealed 4 thousand 546 counterfeit foreign banknotes, the Central Bank. This was the highest figure since at least 2010 (earlier data on the website of the Central Bank are not disclosed).

Only in one 2016 these fakes revealed more than in 2013 and 2014 combined (2107 and 2229, respectively), as compared to the year 2015 the number of detected counterfeits of foreign currency increased by almost 40% (up 3257).

According to the Central Bank, more counterfeits of foreign currency revealed in 2016 in November (863), and the lowest in January (149). Earlier it was reported that in October—December 2016 were identified 1581 fake foreign currency.

A large portion of counterfeit foreign banknotes in 2016, as in previous years, came to the United States dollars (4334). In addition, was also detected counterfeit Euro (140), Chinese yuan (51), British pounds (8), two notes denominated in Japanese yen, one Australian dollar.

In turn, the number of counterfeit ruble banknotes in 2016, continued to shrink (last time growth was recorded in 2014). In comparison with 2010 — more than doubled (it was 128,7 thousand — was 46 61 thousand). This indicator decreased in comparison with the year 2015 by 15%.

As in the previous three years, a large part of ruble fakes made up fake banknotes are in denominations of 5 thousand rubles (36 of 184 thousand, or approximately 59%), however, compared to the year 2015, the number fell by almost a third (52,69 thousand). The number of counterfeit banknotes per 1 thousand rubles for the year increased from 16.55 to 22.3 thousand thousand

In addition, according to the Central Bank in Russia to 2016 2015 discovered counterfeit banknotes face value 500 rbl., 286 counterfeit banknotes of 100 rubles., 52 pyatidesyatyletia fake banknotes 15 banknotes and 20 coins for 10 rubles. and 153 counterfeit coin for 5 RUB.