Reuters reported details of the FBI investigation about the hacker attacks

According to Reuters, the FBI in three different ways is investigating a hacker attack ahead of presidential elections. Most advanced agents in Pittsburgh who are trying to establish the identity of the people refutes hacking computer systems of the Democratic party in 2015-2016. However, the U.S. Department of justice has considered the data collected is insufficient to send the case to court.

Other investigation leads the FBI office in San Francisco. There are agents trying to identify the hackers, who called themselves “Gossiper-2”. They stole and published emails of John Podestà, head of the election headquarters of Hillary Clinton.

Office in Washington, in turn, tries to obtain data from informants, the FBI collects data captured from abroad.

FBI investigators also study financial transfers of Russian companies related to the people around Donald trump, and also investments of Russian citizens in foreign companies, directed through intermediaries.

Reuters could not obtain information about who exactly is under suspicion of the FBI.