The White house denied the trump contacts with Russian intelligence before the election

The President of the United States Donald trump is not in contact with Russian intelligence before the election. About it, according to the chief of staff of the White house Raines, Pribaz, he said senior officials of us intelligence.

Earlier in the week, The New York Times, citing four current and former American officials said that members of the electoral headquarters of the trump contacted senior representatives of the Russian intelligence services before the vote, which took place on 8 November.

“I can say that the most senior officials of the American special services have assured me that these accusations are not only hugely exaggerated, but false. They very clearly gave me to understand that this story is nonsense,” said Pribis in an interview with Fox News.

However, he declined to name the person who had contact with him about this issue.

In the NYT article claimed that U.S. law enforcement and intelligence were able to intercept data about team contact trump about that time when we started to get data about hackers breaking from Russia servers the National Committee of the US Democratic party. Intelligence services tried to find out was whether the people from trump in collusion with Moscow in trying to influence the vote. However, no evidence of collusion could not be found.

The sources asserted that contacts with Moscow was involved and the people around trump, for example, a former campaign Manager of Paul Manafort. He himself denied this information, calling it absurd.

The US President, commenting on the publication of the NYT, called it nonsense. He also suggested that the information the newspaper could provide American intelligence.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the publication of the NYT, said that now difficult to distinguish “the real from the fakes” and advised not to trust reports in the Newspapers.