Ex-diplomat spoke about the “psychological records” to trump Putin

Former Russian diplomats, together with staff of the presidential Administration has prepared a detailed psychological profile of the American President Donald trump. About this NBC News said the former Deputy head of the Russian foreign Ministry Andrei Fedorov.

According to Fyodorov, seven-page document created in preparation of Vladimir Putin’s meeting with his American counterpart. The dossier is subject to permanent change due to new incoming information, says ex-diplomat, but the majority of conclusions still based on the events of the last two or three months. The preparations for negotiations Fedorov was described as “very serious.”

In the Kremlin believe that trump is “considering the presidency as a business,” said the former Deputy foreign Minister. The authors of the dossier concludes that the new U.S. President “risky person, but can be naive.”

According to Fyodorov, he is familiar with trump since 2000.

Until the date of the meeting of the two presidents is unknown. After the inauguration of the trump they are not met.

Previously, the assistance in organizing the meeting suggested Slovenia. Putin said that “has nothing against Ljubljana”.

Press Secretary of the President of Russia, Dmitry Peskov, last week told reporters that the issue about the meeting of the leaders of the two countries studied.

Putin had previously talked about the need to restore a constructive relationship between Moscow and Washington, in which there is a “strong degradation.” Moscow, as noted, the Russian leader is ready to resume full-scale relations.