In the state Duma has developed the bill about “black lists” of air passengers

According to “Kommersant”, the state Duma Committee on transport has developed amendments to the Air code of Russia, according to which it is proposed to create a “single registry of persons, air transportation of which is limited.” The list will include the data of citizens who violate “rules of conduct on Board” and created a “threat to flight safety, life and health of others” or causing “damage to their health.”

The list, according to the project, will form the airline. The following procedure is suggested: members of the crew are on the citizen act, sign it, and assured the commander of the crew, and then the data is within three days sent to the Federal air transport Agency, where within five days entered in the unified register.

Following this, the offender is prohibited as the flights and selling tickets. A period of three years. Exceptions are made only if the offender flies for medical treatment, at the funeral of a close relative, is taken to accompany on Board the disabled or returns to Russia from countries where it is possible to reach only by plane.

The register shall be published on the website of the Federal air transport Agency — it is proposed to maintain a list of violators. The list of mandatory for all airlines — for flights through the territory of Russia and abroad.

According to the newspaper, the draft amendments sent to the presidential Council for codification and enhancement of civil legislation. He will consider the document on Monday, February 20 to give a review on it.

The bill prepared for the second reading in Parliament. The original version adopted in first reading was developed by a group of deputies of the previous convocation. It provided the opportunity for airlines to refuse to transport violators of flight rules.

Rules of conduct for the passenger aboard the project are not spelled out. They are encouraged to develop the Cabinet of Ministers. To pacify brawlers amendments allow the aircrew to use “lethal weapons of deterrence”, the list of which is also proposed to establish a government.

The Council for the codification support the bill, the draft Council conclusions, which are at the disposal of the newspaper. However, there should be the possibility of judicial review, experts say.

The Ministry of transport, which is subordinate to the Federal air transport Agency, said that taking part in the drafting of amendments. Aeroflot said that they support the initiative for the legalization of black lists of passengers. Press-service of S7 stated that the company was involved in work on the bill and conceptual support to the initiative but considers it “practically impossible in this way” in practice.