Ukrainian MP told the details of the plan of lifting the sanctions against Russia

Verkhovna Rada Deputy from the Radical party Andrei Artemenko told Ukrainian edition “Strenia” the plan for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

“The main idea is the situation should be resolved through compromise. And the crux of the compromise is simple — after each of the parties shall remain in something unsatisfied,” — said Artyomenko about the essence of the plan.

The first item on the plan, according to the MP, is holding a national referendum on the transfer of Crimea is leased by Russia for 30-50 years. At the expiration of this period will be followed by another referendum under the control of the international structures, where the question of ownership of the Peninsula is finally resolved, said Artemenko.

The second point is the return of the Donbass in the Ukraine. At the same time, he noted that all parties to the conflict, except those who have committed especially grave crimes will be amnestied. “The border is transferred to Ukraine. But before it is given 72 hours free corridor to the exit of those who do not want to live in Ukraine”, — said Artyomenko.

Further, the plan is for a nationwide referendum, which raised the issue of the special status of Donbass. Thereafter, it is expected the creation of a Fund for the revival of a region that “will fill a different state”. In particular, from Russia in this Fund shall receive money for the lease of the Crimea.

“After the execution of this plan, the sanctions against Russia are removed. Its relations with the West are restored,” concluded Artemenko.

He said that the plan development engaged not alone. According to him, the work also involved “dozens of deputies from different factions from the ruling coalition and the opposition”. The Deputy noted that he could not name them without their consent.