Volodin asked the government to withdraw from the Duma outdated bills

That Volodin has asked the Plenipotentiary government representative in the Duma Alexander Sinenko to conduct an audit of government bills, told journalists the first Vice-speaker of the state Duma Ivan Melnikov (CPRF).

According to the Communist MP, Sinenko agreed with Volodin. The state Duma are 257 government bills, many of which have “lost relevance,” says Melnikov.

The Deputy chairing the working group that for the last several months been developing proposals to reduce the number of introduced and pending bills. Projects that are no longer relevant should be withdrawn by the author or declined by the Council under the shortened procedure, explained in the working group.

To get rid of old bills “lost their social significance”, asked at the Council are also committees and factions, said Melnikov. The probability of making projects that are in the Duma for more than eight years, zero, he explained.

The working group recommended to introduce a “fractional filter” for projects of deputies — the need to align initiatives with the faction. According to Melnikova, this will increase the quality of the projects. But this recommendation does not prohibit pay to the member of the initiative without permission of the faction, he said.

Initiatives that do not correspond to the Constitution or rules of the Duma, offered to immediately to return to authors, without consideration by the Council of the Duma. Vice-speaker proposes to limit the term of reintroduction of the draft, which the Committee requested the author to finalize.

Another working group proposals for the limitation of the period during which MPs can sign up under bills introduced by colleagues to “not blur the authorship”. This interval should establish a Committee on rules, said the Miller. According to him, it can range from two weeks to a month.