WP learned about repealing a moratorium on coal mining decree trump

The President of the United States Donald trump is preparing to sign two Executive orders repealing previously adopted by his predecessor Barack Obama limitations. This writes the newspaper The Washington Post, citing anonymous sources.

The first document, according to sources of the newspaper, removes limits on greenhouse gas emissions for existing power utilities, after which the Agency for environmental protection, headed by the enemy of reducing emissions of carbon to the atmosphere Scott Pruitt should remove the moratorium on coal mining.

The second decree trump needs to change the “Rule of the water resources of the United States”, approved in 2015. The situation applies to 60% of water bodies in the country, limiting the operation of enterprises, which can contaminate the waters.

Clean Power Plan was developed by the Obama administration to combat global warming and put into effect in 2015. It is focused on reducing U.S. carbon dioxide emissions by 32% within 15 years. One of the main measures to achieve this goal should be the regulation of emissions from coal-fired power plants. In February of this year, the Supreme court suspended its action.

New procedure: as trump would repeal key laws Obama