Bill gates urged to impose robots income tax

Bill gates urged to impose robots income tax

Moscow. 20 Feb. The lack of income tax and profit tax for robots machine provides unfair advantage of people, said bill gates is one of the founders of Microsoft and the richest man in the world according to Forbes. In an interview with Quartz, he proposed to impose on companies that use robots, the tax to at least temporarily slow down the automation of many activities and Fund alternative forms of employment for people living, including care for the elderly and work with children in schools.

In the European Union, a similar idea has already tried to bring to life: a bill recently considered in the European Parliament on February 16, the deputies finally rejected it. “The aim should be to increase the tax rate and even inhibition of automation,” said Mr gates, because the development of technology goes hand in hand with the displacement of people from a range of professions.

“Currently, for a person who performs work at the plant, say, $50K a year be taxed on this income taxes on social security and all that. If he will be replaced by the robot which will do the same work, you should think about taxation robot tax at the same level,” said gates. He added that this will allow people not to be afraid of innovation. “You know, taxes is definitely better than just banning certain items,” – said the billionaire.

Taxation of robots and robotics is supported by a number of European politicians socialists, including presidential candidate of France Benoit Amon. The heads of the leading high-tech companies, this idea is also not alien to, although some of them (for example, the current CEO of Microsoft Satya Nadella) would prefer to impose tax burden is not on employers, but on their customers and consumers, writes Financial Times. By the end of 2016 bill gates has topped the Forbes list of billionaires, and is ranked seventh in the publication compiled the ranking of the most influential people in the world.