Poroshenko said about the continuing threat of military invasion of Russia to Ukraine

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko believes that the threat of full-scale military invasion of Russia in the country is maintained. He stated, speaking to the senior personnel of the Armed forces of Ukraine, transfers “112 Ukraine”.

“The threat of full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation will not go away. And this threat is not only oozing through the uncontrolled border areas in the Donbass, it hangs on the border line with Russia”, — said the Ukrainian leader.

According to him, close to the Ukrainian border Russia has deployed units of its armed forces numbering up to 50 thousand people. In addition, according to Poroshenko, near the border there are about 470 of Russian tanks, more than 1.7 thousand armored vehicles, 390 artillery systems and 220 systems of volley fire, about 490 combat aircraft, hundreds of helicopters and 24 combat ship.

Poroshenko also said that during the ATO in Eastern Ukraine killed 2608 Ukrainian soldiers, of whom 2200 — series APU.

Poroshenko said about the possibility of Russian military invasion in the past. So, in August last year, he said that the Ukrainian authorities do not exclude aggression “in all azimuths”.

The Russian foreign Ministry said then that couldn’t understand what he’s talking about Poroshenko. “Generally, we don’t even understand what he’s talking about Poroshenko and what about a full-scale invasion and the invasion in General what was going on. That is, it is difficult to understand what he basically says. That’s all,” — said the representative of the guardian Maria Zakharova.