The head of the operator of presidential grants will be the expert Kudrin

The candidate from the NDA

Single operator presidential grants, the creation of which in the near future, said the sources , most likely, will be headed by an expert in the field of legislation on non-profit organizations Ilya Chukalin, a former adviser to the Minister of communications and mass communications and a former employee of the Ministry of economic development. This was told three sources close to the Kremlin. Now Chukalin holds the post of Deputy Director of project office of the National technology initiative, which is part of the Russian venture company (RVC).

The Ministry Chukalin worked from 2011 to 2013, he served as the Deputy Director of Department of strategic development and innovation, and was a member of the coordinating Council for state support of socially oriented NGOs at the Ministry.

At the site of Alexei Kudrin “the all-Russian civil forum”, which brings together independent NGOs and experts, Chukalin in 2015 acted as the expert on the activities of non-profit organizations and one of the main designers of the regulatory framework governing their state. A source in the Committee of civil initiatives (CGI), which poglavlje Kudrin said Chukalin has been invited on the activities of the Committee as an expert in the field of legislation on NGOs.

The Department of economic development, where he worked Chukalin, created an effective system of support for socially oriented NGOs, said a member of the Public chamber, expert of the presidential Council on human rights Elena Topoleva-Soldunova. According to her, in this work, the government has co-financed NGOs through programs of regional budgets. There are grants for regional resource centers to support NGO, which distributed these funds according to the needs of organizations in their region, said Topoleva-Soldunova.

“Maybe the system is not all perfect, but has improved,” said Topoleva-Soldunova. According to her, Chukalin — “ideal candidate” to head a single operator grants: “the Man is absolutely professional, experienced, decent, honest and even uncompromising”.

“Chukalin is well respected in the field of NGOs. All say rukopozhatnym and cares for the development of the sector. He is one of the best lawyers in nonprofit law,” agrees one of the interviewees among leaders of nonprofit organizations. He’s a good lawyer, including in questions of the legislation on NGOs, with extensive experience of legislative work, said the expert “all-Russian civil forum” and the Committee of civil initiatives Vlad Muraviev.

The press service of the RVC has not commented on the new appointment Chukalina. He Chukalin calls and SMS not answered.

Single printoperation

A single statement of presidential grants will be available in March, said one of the sources . Information about it will be reflected in the order of the President on the allocation of grants for 2017, he said. Last year a paper on the distribution of grants signed by Vladimir Putin was published in early April.

Operators of grants, which in 2016 was allocated 4.5 billion rubles., the nine NGOs are: the national charity Fund, Russian Union of youth (RSM), the League of nation’s health, the Fund “Civil dignity”, the Union of women of Russia, Russian Union of rectors, the Fund “Perspective” Charity Fund of support of family, motherhood and childhood “Pokrov” and the Union of pensioners of Russia.

The founders of the single printoperation will be seven of the nine current structures. One of the interviewees among the NGOs stated that the operator’s status, the Kremlin can lose grants Fund “Perspektiva” and the PCM. The Director of “Perspectives” Alexander Svinin refused to comment before the advent of official information. RUY Chairman Pavel krasnorutsky from comments have refused.

Structure that will leave as distributors of grants is likely to join a new organization while maintaining their legal entities, said Chairman of the Foundation “Civil dignity” Pavel Vdovichenko. Reform of the distribution of presidential grants needed to reduce bureaucracy and transparency of the allocation of money, said Vdovichenko.

Political analyst Alexei Makarkin linked changes in the distribution of grants with the arrival of a new team in the political block of the Kremlin, which has become the head Sergei Kiriyenko.