The media learned about the interest Fyodor Bondarchuk to buy a stake in the Bank from the top 100

Director Fedor Bondarchuk discusses the purchase of shares in the ROSENERGOBANK, told “Kommersant” sources close to the Bank and familiar with the Director.

According to one source, now in the final stage is approval for the purchase of a package of 25% plus one share. However, another source claims that this percentage can be adjusted, “although the purchase of a controlling stake of the question”. The sources indicate that the shares can be bought and through intermediaries.

Bondarchuk told “Kommersant” that “knows nothing about it”. In ROSENERGOBANK said that “does not comment on rumors”.

The interlocutor of the edition explains that the Director sometimes considers banks for investments, including for financing their development projects, and construction of theaters.

“Kommersant” believes that indirect evidence of discussion Bondarchukom purchase of a stake in Bank can be considered that the shareholders of ROSENERGOBANK last week became the banker Ilya Morozov. Previously, he headed the Bank “AB Finans”, a minority shareholder of the financial organization was, and Fyodor Bondarchuk.

Morozov confirmed to the publication that he bought of 8.03% of the shares of ROSENERGOBANK from the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Bank Konstantin Schwartz. He said he plans to participate in the management of the Bank and to enter into Board of Directors of the Interlocutor of “Kommersant” close to the Bank said that while Morozov decides to “almost all questions in the Bank” — from operational issues to negotiate with investors.

The banker refused to answer the question whether he plans to increase the share in the ROSENERGOBANK. “Now comes the process of the change of shareholders of ROSENERGOBANK. There is a strategic investor, which pass control to the Bank. However, his name is not disclosed until the official entry into the Bank,” he explained.

The press service of the financial organization said that the acquisition of Morozov’s stake is part of a larger transaction. She needs to be protected from six months to a year. In ROSENERGOBANK said details will be disclosed after its closure.