Vedomosti learned about the idea to limit the cash settlements in Russia

Vedomosti learned about the idea to limit the cash settlements in Russia

Moscow. 21 Feb. The Ministry of economic development and the Treasury to discuss methods of combating the shadow economy; in particular we are talking about a possible ban of salaries in cash, limiting cash payments for major purchases and the introduction of a municipal tax, differentiated according to the type of payment, according to “Vedomosti” referring to Federal officials and experts involved in the discussion. Approved not yet on the government level, the discussion has not yet been discussed. One of the ideas discussed – restrictions on the sale of cars, apartments and luxury items for cash, but no consensus on cut-off price of the officials there.

Both ministries declined to comment, however, as reported by the newspaper source, some of the ideas discussed can log in to the government’s plan to raise the rate of economic growth in 2018-2024. the Publication notes that the Russians still prefer cash payments: holders of payment cards for the first nine months of 2016, took the 19 trillion rubles of cash, and paid for goods and services only 8.7 trillion. The share of cash in circulation, according to the Bank, about 9% of GDP. Cash prefer, for example, in showrooms since acquiring the roads.

In 2012, the Ministry of Finance has proposed to limit the cash payments between people and companies – first of the sum of 600 thousand rubles., and then to 300 thousand rubles For violation of the expected penalty on the entire amount over the limit. Was prevented by the unavailability of infrastructure and political difficulties, reminded Vedomosti official financial-economic bloc.

In January 2017, Finance Minister Anton Siluanov cited the example of India, limited cash, and saw this as an opportunity to collect more taxes. “We need to think about reduction of cash payments,” – said Anton Siluanov. He noted that “in many countries, including India, a large-scale attack went on cash payments”. “That’s right, it is part of the whitening of the economy. Through this tool it would be possible to collect more taxes, make the economy more transparent,” – said the Minister.

First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov later said that the government did not discuss the question of reducing the volume of cash settlements. “We believe that the administrative limit cash payments meaningless. And all of the transactions that banks can provide, and how they will spend using the new technology, it has natural way to enter the life of each family. But no administrative constraints no administrative constraints – this will not” – said Shuvalov.