Prosecutors in France opened a formal investigation “Penelopeia”

After a preliminary test on the case of fictitious employment of the spouse of the former Prime Minister françois Fillon, held by the interior Ministry, an official investigation was opened by the Financial Prosecutor’s office of France, reports Le Figaro.

The investigation opened against “unidentified persons”, the prosecution for theft of state funds, misuse of public funds and complicity in the concealment of these crimes in violation of the law on transparency in public life.

The scandal broke after former Prime Minister Fillon won the primaries and has been approved as a candidate in the presidential elections from the party “the Republicans”. In the course of inner-party struggle Fillon succeeded in driving former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The start of the campaign in the press gave the publication of January 25, in the popular French weekly Canard enchaine, investkompanii investigative journalism. The article said that Penelope Fillon in 1998-2002 worked as an aide to her husband when he was a member of the French Parliament. In itself this is not a crime, politicians in France are not prohibited to employ a relatives, however, the publication claimed that the post of assistant was fictitious, as no results of the activities Madame Fillon could not be found.

When in 2002 Fillon resigned from Parliament to the government as Minister of labor and social issues of his Deputy mandate is transferred to the same party Brand Julot, the present Deputy of the European Parliament. While Penelope Fillon was listed until 2007, the assistant Deputy Julot. “I’ve never worked with Penelope, I only knew her as the wife of the Minister”, — told Canard enchaine, one of the assistants Julot. Over the years, in Parliament, the wife of Fillon received €500 thousand in the form of salary.