… Called the condition for accelerating economic growth

For the growth of the Russian economy requires breakthrough projects, considers the Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin.

In an article he wrote in the journal Russian investment forum in Sochi, Oreshkin noted that sustainable growth will lead to increased investment flows, to the rational use of labor resources, and productivity. According to Oreshkin, the projects will contribute to increasing the volume of non-oil exports.

In his opinion, the restoration of economic activity in the country, according to the surveys of entrepreneurs which show the improvement in business expectations.

“Reduced the number of those who speak of the uncertain economic situation as the main problem, with 55 points in December 2016 to 47 in January 2017,” — said the Minister (quoted by TASS).

Russian investment forum to be held in Sochi on February 27-28. Its programme includes three thematic blocks: “the New regional policy. Development opportunities”, “Increasing the efficiency of the business. Opportunities for growth” and “Implementing projects for life”.