The media learned the details of immigration reform the UK after Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa may has instructed to reform the migration legislation that is necessary for the country’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU). About it reports The Sunday Times citing officials who were at the Cabinet meeting.

Mae instructed the Ministers to develop a plan consisting of two parts: the first concerns EU citizens, who are already in the UK, and the second — those who will come after Brexit.

Some members of the government offered to give newly arrived migrants from the EU work visas valid for five years but prevent them to claim social benefits during their stay in the country.

The bill will apply to those migrants who are engaged in software development, medical and social assistance, as well as working in agriculture. It is emphasized that the issue of work visas can be reduced over five years, the newspaper writes.

“The easiest way is the introduction of five year visas. We welcome you [immigrants from the EU] if you have professional skills that we need. However you will have social benefits and then you leave the country,” said one of the Ministers in the British government.

Development of Ministers must be completed before the summer of this year. The bill, which should be published in early 2018, will attain the status of law before the UK leaves the EU.

The newspaper reports that Mei may announce the withdrawal of Britain from the European Union until March 15. She plans to offer to the Europeans already living in Britain, retained its status, however, the same condition must be fulfilled and by the authorities of the European Union.

In the opinion of the British Parliament, such measures will have to free up jobs for citizens.