Media reported about the destruction in Syria, the Deputy leader of “al-Qaeda”

In the Syrian province of Idlib as a result of the strike aircraft for the air forces of the United States killed the leader of the Syrian wing of the terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” (business in Russia), Ahmed Hassan Abu al-khayr al-Masri. This is the website SITE, which monitors the information of terrorist activity.

It is noted that the killed commander was the Deputy leader of a terrorist network “al-Qaeda” Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Official confirmation of this information at the time of preparation of the material received.

Earlier in January, Pentagon spokesman Peter cook said that in the same province of Idlib, was killed a senior leader of “al-Qaeda” in Syria. As mentioned in the message, January 17 American aircraft struck in the area of Idlib province in Northwest Syria, in which he was mortally wounded Tunisian Mohammad Habib Buscado al-Tunisi.

It was he, according to us authorities, responsible for “external operations” of the terrorist organization and was associated with some attacks on military facilities in Western countries.

On 12 January the Pentagon reported the death of one of the leader “al-Qaeda” Abd al-Jalil al-Muslimi in the course of an airstrike of the U.S. air force.