Montenegro has announced plans to accuse the Russian in the coup attempt

Montenegro plans to present the citizen of Russia Edward Shishmakova the charges of conspiracy to overthrow the Montenegrin government and prevent the country’s accession to NATO, reports The Times, citing the special Prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje of Katica. According to the edition, 46-year-old Simakov — captain of the Navy and the GRU agent.

In addition Shishmakova, Montenegro submitted to the international wanted list through Interpol warrant on one citizen of Russia named Vladimir Popov. According to Katica, Vladimir Popov and captain of the Russian fleet Edward Shishmakov involved in the organization of a coup attempt in Montenegro. Catnic contends that the “only motive” Shishmakova was the desire to prevent the country’s accession to NATO and that the organization involved in the coup “government of Russia”.

Prosecutors wiretapped phone Chelmakova and followed him when he came out of the Russian Embassy, said the Prosecutor.

Katich also thanked the authorities of great Britain and the United States for assistance in the investigation and promised that charges will be brought against Popov Shishmakova and no later than 15 April. In addition to them, the Prosecutor’s office promises to bring charges against 22 defendants in this case.

According to prosecutors, Shishmakov alleged to have supplied the group protected phones and money amounting to over €30 million, intended for the payment of fees and purchase of weapons.

The special Prosecutor of Montenegro Milivoje catnic the 20 February accused the government of Russia in the coup attempt in Montenegro. According to him, Shishmakov and priests oversaw the organization of a coup in Montenegro under the leadership of “Russian nationalist forces,” who were engaged in its organization with the help of “Russian authorities”. According to him, earlier Chichkakova expelled from Poland for espionage in favor of Russia, and he is a member of the Russian security services named Edward Shirokov.

In the Kremlin have categorically rejected any allegations of involvement in a coup attempt in Montenegro. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov called them “absurd” and “desperate.” That Montenegro accusations are “unfounded”, said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, the day of parliamentary elections in Montenegro had to undergo a massive opposition demonstration before the announcement of the election result in the country’s Parliament. Later, the conspirators had intended to enter the Parliament building, while dressed as police members of the conspiracy were to open fire on peaceful crowd in order to blame the government and cause the overthrow of Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, according to the publication. The main purpose of the coup newspaper called the opposition to membership of Montenegro in NATO and admission of ships of the Russian fleet in the ports of this country in the Adriatic sea.