Gazprom assumed the growth rates for exports to Europe by 10%

According to Medvedev, speaking at “investor Day”, the average price of export to Europe in 2017 will grow to $ 180-190 for 1 thousand cubic meters from $ 167 in 2016. However, he pointed out that “the contract portfolio contains a variety of pricing system, and therefore to predict the price for 2017 is not as easy as it’s been done before”, said the Agency TASS.

Medvedev also pointed out that “the average price of deliveries to the CIS countries and Baltic States in 2016 amounted to 152 USD per thousand cubic meters.”

In June of last year “Gazprom” declared reduction of the average export gas price to $ 30 from $200. The company explained that the change in currency exchange rates and changes in oil prices.

At the end of may last year, Medvedev said that gas prices have reached the day. It was also mentioned that a significant portion of export contracts “Gazprom” is tied to oil prices with a delay of 6-9 months.