“Naftogaz” announced record pressure drop in gas pipelines

“Ukrtransgaz”, the operator of the gas transportation system of Ukraine and a subsidiary of “Naftogaz”, recorded the highest pressure drop in the Russian gas transport system for gas measuring station Sudzha, the main entry point into the Ukrainian GTS this is stated in the message “Naftogaz”.

According to the company, the pressure level dropped to “a record low in recent years, the level of 49.7 atmospheres, instead of the stipulated contracts 60,0 atmospheres”. The European Commission sent a prompt message on the sudden decrease of pressure, said “Naftogaz”.

The press service of “Gazprom” declined to comment.

In addition, the Ukrainian company indicates a violation of Gazprom’s transit contract. According to her, the maximum level of daily fluctuations of applications for the selection of gas at points of exit from the Ukrainian gas transportation system should not exceed 4.5% of the item Uzhgorod, but in separate days of February, this figure was exceeded twice the norm.

Also in some periods of February the quality of gas that have been entered into the Ukrainian GTS from Russia, did not meet physico-chemical parameters stipulated by the contract, said “Matigas”.

Ukrainian company noted that “systematic noncompliance “Gasprom” transit contract creates risks for uninterrupted supply of gas to the European direction.” However, Naftogaz says the continuation of a stable supply of gas to Europe and all requests importers of Russian gas.