Putin spoke about the prospects of relations between Russia and Belarus

President Vladimir Putin said that Moscow is interested in supporting the Belarusian economy, “Interfax”. Russia and Belarus are looking for solutions to all issues, said the Russian leader.

According to Putin, the hidden and direct support of the economy of the neighboring state is not a “waste of money”, and the “counted steps based on the future result.” “The Russian economy will get benefit from this, because it strengthens our synergies and enhances our overall competitiveness,” said the President.

Disputes between Russia and Belarus, Putin said it is “completely natural” since each side defends its own interests. Thus, despite the differences, the Russian market is completely open to Belarusian goods, and Minsk will receive Russian oil duty-free.

“Go to duty-free oil supplies to the Belarusian enterprises, and recycle their oil products delivered to Belarus abroad with the collection of the fee and credited to her to the Belarusian budget,” — said Putin.

“Always have controversy. I’m sure we will find a solution to any, even seemingly very difficult situations”, — concluded Putin.

Wednesday, 1 February, Russia announced the establishment of the border with Belarus border areas. This step Moscow has explained the necessity of adopting security measures after Minsk the abolition of the visa regime for citizens of some countries.

The foreign Ministry of Belarus said that the decision was taken to Russia “without notice” and “contrary to all existing agreements.” Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko has described Moscow’s decision as “purely political attack”.

In addition, Russia and Belarus continue the dispute on oil and gas issue from the beginning of 2016. In Minsk, claiming that Moscow has set an unfair price for gas, so pay for delivery of a smaller amount. Russia in response has reduced the duty-free oil supplies to Belarus. As reported, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, Belarus owes Russia for gas $550 million.

The trade turnover between Russia and Belarus decreased by 5.2% compared to the 2015 level and amounted to $26.1 billion. Thus, the trade turnover between the two countries fell to its lowest level since 2009, when it stood at $23.3 billion