The head of the armed forces supported the abolition of the articles about repeated violations at rallies

The Chairman of the Russian Supreme court (SC), Vyacheslav Lebedev expressed his support of the bill on the abolition of article 212.1 of the criminal code, which provides penalties for multiple violations at public events, reports .

“I can’t tell the position of the Supreme court, we have not discussed. My position — I agree with the bill [repealing article],” said Lebedev.

A bill to repeal article 212.1 of the criminal code of Russian Federation about repeated violations at rallies was submitted to the Duma in early February. The document also seeks feedback to the government and the armed forces. The authors of the initiative became a group of deputies from the liberal democratic party.

One of the authors of the amendments, increase the punishment for participation in uncoordinated rallies, the MP from the faction “United Russia” Alexander Sidyakin said that the reason for the revision this question is no. Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on legislation, Rafael Mardanshin (fraction “United Russia”) also reported that the Committee did not support the initiative of the LDPR.

The press service of the Ministry of justice at the request of “Interfax” reported that the Ministry is ready to develop amendments to article 212.1 of the criminal code, if such a task will come from the government. The Ministry noted that the law on the constitutional court (CC), the Cabinet of Ministers not later than six months after the publication of the decisions of the COP contributes to the state Duma a draft Federal law on amendments to the law, the provisions of which were the subject of consideration by the COP.

In the state Duma Committee on legislation no bills to cancel article 212.1 will not be available, said earlier the Chairman of the Committee Pavel Krasheninnikov. According to him, the decision on amendments to the law on rallies should take the government.

22 February of the current year Russia’s Supreme court overturned the verdict first and the only convict in this article UK Ildar Dadina. It was released on February 26. Shortly before this, on 10 February, the constitutional court considered the appeal of the Dading on the article on which he was convicted, and ordered that the sentence be revised. The decision stated that the article may not be for participation albeit inconsistent, but the peaceful protest. In this case the constitutional court ruled that the contested article does not contradict the Constitution, but recommended the legislators to modify it.

Ildar Dading — : “There really running the show are sadists”

Dading became the first and only Russian citizen, convicted according to article 212.1 of the criminal code of Russia after amending providing for penalties for multiple violations at public events. Amendments were adopted in 2014. They provide for liability if the person was more than two times within half a year brought to administrative responsibility for violations during mass events (article 20.2 of the administrative code). Punishment is deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.