In Yaroslavl has chosen for mayor to replace convicted Urlashov

As reports the edition “” Yaroslavl deputies by a majority of voters chose a new mayor of the representative of “United Russia” Vladimir Sleptsova, who was previously the acting mayor. In support of his candidacy voted 34 of the Deputy. The former Deputy mayor of Yaroslavl Dmitry Donskova, justified by the “case Urlashov”, supported only by the representative of the Communist party Anton Golitsyn.

The election was contested by four candidates: former employee of administration of the Yaroslavl region Sergey Skorikov, entrepreneur Elena Lesakova, the lawyer of Igor Klimov and editor of the newspaper “Evening Yaroslavl” Alexander Simon, who promised in case of his election, the return of direct elections of the mayor and “to stop the time of troubles the reign of the Yaroslavl deputies.” No votes these candidates received.

Blind in the course of election speeches has pointed to 20 years of experience in municipal service, has promised to build new roads and develop tourism and mass sports.

To elect a new mayor in Yaroslavl became possible after the regional court on 20 January upheld the verdict against former mayor Yevgeny Urlashov. Convicted on charges of bribe Urlashov was sentenced to 12.5 years and a fine in the amount of 60 million rubles. Behind bars was sent and another defendant in the case, former assistant to the mayor Alexey Lopatin.

Sleptsov has received the offer to head the Yaroslavl administration in September last year. Prior to that, he was the mayor of Khimki near Moscow. The greater part of his career he spent in Yaroslavl. In 1996-2008, he worked in administration of Leninsky district of the city, and then was Deputy mayor of Yaroslavl, and later was Deputy head of the Sergiyev Posad.