The court dismissed the complaint Breivik on “inhuman treatment” in prison

The judges of the court of Appeal dismissed the appeal of Breivik on the conditions of his detention, said the publication Aftenposten. The decision in this case indicated that the prisoner had not been tortured and the conditions of his detention do not humiliate human dignity.

Breivik’s lawyers pointed out that the violation of the law is the fact that the prisoner is in isolation and can not communicate with other inmates. The court considered such a drastic measure justified, explaining that Breivik did not repent of their deeds. In addition, there is a risk that other inmates will try to deal with it.

Protection of terrorists has already vowed to appeal the new decision to the Supreme court of Norway. According to the lawyer of Astana of Storvik, in the case of failure in the country he will be ready to appeal to the European court of human rights.

20 APR 2016 complaint Breivik was discussed in the District court of Oslo, which partially granted his claims and ordered the state in the amount of 40 thousand dollars. The decision of the court of appeal set aside this decision.

Anders Breivik sentenced to 21 years in prison for a double terrorist attack in Oslo on 22 July 2011. On this day he planted the bomb in the government quarter of the Norwegian capital and shot the participants of the youth summer camp on ut√łya. In the end, the victims of the attack were 77 people, mostly teenagers.

It was later revealed that Breivik even before the attack has created its own Manifesto, which called enemies of Islam, feminism and “cultural Marxism.”