The Kremlin has responded to a question about the “squeezing” of Ukrainian enterprises in the Donbass

Introduction the authorities of the DNI and the LC band management at Ukrainian enterprises in the Donbas is not “spin.” The journalists said the press Secretary of the Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports .

“I don’t think the word “spin” applies here, and I don’t think it would be correct to call it a spin. We are witnessing the fact that cut off their state region fall in an even more difficult position, being placed in a blockade by extremists,” Peskov said, answering a journalist’s question, what is the future of the LC and the DNI after the “extraction” of the Ukrainian enterprises.

According to the press Secretary of the head of state, of actions taken by the authorities of the breakaway republics, “to some extent we can understand.” “We are talking about the lives of several million people. People need to survive,” — said the representative of the Kremlin.

Peskov also added that the work of the enterprises themselves have no relation to Russia, which, he remarked, “has a certain influence on the representatives of Donbass, but they are not in charge”.

“The leaders of these areas make decisions that are deemed appropriate to ensure the life of these regions, after they put in such conditions”, — said Peskov.

On 27 February, the leaders of the breakaway republics have threatened Kyiv to impose on the Ukrainian enterprises in the Donbas external control, if prior to March 1 will not be lifted, the transport blockade of the region.

Wednesday, March 1, extended the term of the ultimatum expired. The head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko confirmed that the enterprises of the Ukrainian jurisdiction in the region introduced an external control. “Everything goes according to plan, businesses today with zero hours entered for external management. Basically, tonight we’re all done”, — quotes the words Zakharchenko Donetsk news Agency (DAN).

LC also confirmed the input of external control. “Enter the external administrator from the state LC, and the taxes will be transferred to the budget of the Republic” — said on Wednesday morning the interlocutor of “Interfax”, close to the government of the LC.

As previously noted , from the introduction of external management at the enterprises of Donbass is mainly affected by the Ukrainian billionaire Rinat Akhmetov. On the territory of the DNI and LC are 47 companies and enterprises of SCM group, which employs about 120 thousand people.

In Ukraine for several weeks, continues the blockade of railway tracks by which coal shipped from the territories of the breakaway republics of Donbass.