In the British Parliament have advocated better relations with Russia

The UK should adhere to constructive dialogue in the interaction with Russia, the report of the international Committee of the house of Commons of the British Parliament.

According to the document, the Ministry of foreign Affairs should clarify that “it wants from relations with Russia.” The Department should clarify its objectives, and to conduct a “meaningful and regular political dialogue with the Russian government in a spirit of sincerity and honesty, preserving the core values of the UK.”

Committee Chairman Crispin blunt said that the relations between London and Moscow to raise questions, however, the refusal of cooperation with Russia is a long-term perspective for cooperation.

“We urge the Ministry of foreign Affairs to develop a long-term strategy to build bridges with the next generation of Russian political and economic leaders,” the report said.

Thus in the British Parliament indicated that a stumbling block for building a dialogue between the two countries are Russia’s actions in Ukraine and Syria. In this there is a common desire of the heads of States to fight terrorism.

The Committee also asked the foreign Ministry to assess the consequences of introduction of sanctions against Moscow after a Brexit.

In early February the foreign Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson has spoken out against the easing of restrictive measures against Russia because of the escalation of the conflict in the Donbass. Yesterday, March 1, Johnson also called for more pressure on Russia because of the situation with the Crimea.

British foreign Minister is a supporter of the policy of sanctions against Russia. In October last year, he said that London should become the leader when entering sanctions against Moscow. He believes that Russia “behave brutally and ruthlessly” in Ukraine and in Syria.