The media learned about the financing of ISIS is one of the largest cement producers

The company LafargeHolcim admitted that financed armed groups in Syria for the safety of employees of his factory, located on the territory of the Arab Republic. This is stated in the statement published on March 2 on the company’s website.

The report said that this fact was established during an internal review conducted after the media publications for 2016 that the facts of financing of terrorists the Syrian plant in Syria took place.

“The results of the investigation show that the deterioration of the political situation in Syria poses a very difficult task of ensuring the smooth operation of the plant and the safety of its employees”, — stated in the message.

“Sometimes different armed groups took control or tried to control the area around the plant. The investigation revealed that a local company has provided funds to third parties, to reach agreements with several of the armed groups, including those who are under sanctions, to sustain the work [of the plant] and to ensure the safe passage of staff and supply of plant,” the company said.

What was this group who were the ultimate recipients of these funds, the investigation could not be determined, the statement said.

In turn, the French newspaper Le Monde claims that the Syrian branch of the LafargeHolcim paid the militants of Islamic state (the terrorist organization recognized by the banned in Russia). The paper argues that since 2013, ISIS has forced the plant management to pay for the free admission truck enterprises for roads under their control. This continued until, when the factory ceased operations on 19 September 2014, when the militants took over the territory.

The newspaper also reports that there is a document-pass printing of the IG, the signed representatives of the European court of human rights. The representative of the LafargeHolcim on the request of the publication to comment on the document, said: “There is a document described as a pass IG. We do not endorse its authenticity. Our internal audit will establish where he came from”.

LafargeHolcim is one of the largest manufacturers of building materials, including cement, aggregates and concrete. The company is present in 90 countries. Its headquarters is located in Switzerland.