The media learned about the possible contacts of the Prosecutor General of Russia before the elections

U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions twice in the past year contact with Russia’s Ambassador to the United States Sergei Kislyak. Before taking up the post sessions have been hiding this detail, according to The Washington Post, citing sources in the Ministry of justice.

According to them, the sessions, while still a Senator from the state of Alabama, met with Kislyak in September last year in his office. This period American intelligence agencies called the “midst of a Russian hacking campaign” that aims to influence the race, to the publication.

In addition, sessions spoke with Kislyak in July 2016. The newspaper points out that while he was a senior member of the armed services Committee and one of the leading foreign policy advisers to the current US President Donald trump. He also played a prominent role in supporting trump after its official entry into the race in February 2016.

During the hearings in the Senate before his appointment to the post of Prosecutor General sessions stated that he had no contacts with representatives of Russia. Kislyak did not answer the question of possible contacts with the US attorney General before the election.

In mid-February resigned as the national security Advisor, Michael Flynn. This happened a few days after The Washington Post, citing sources described the contacts with Flynn Sergei Kislyak before the inauguration of the trump. According to the newspaper, the politicians discussed sanctions against Russia.

Flynn and the press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov confirmed the talks with Kislyak. However, they both denied the topic of conversation. According to Flynn, he did not raise the issue of lifting sanctions against Russia and “crossed the line”.

Former national security adviser swinica in front of Donald trump and Vice-President Mike Pence providing defective information about conversations with the Russian Ambassador. The Washington Post later wrote that Flynn’s attitude can be a criminal case. He talked with FBI agents and during the interview also denied discussing Kislyak of the Russian sanctions. However, according to WP, the security services had details of a telephone conversation.