Lawyers podskazali may way to refuse payment of €60 billion over Brexit

The lawyers of the British government came to the conclusion that London is not legally obliged to pay the EU’s €60 billion under the previous agreements, after Brexit, according to the Times newspaper. According to the newspaper, thanks to experts, Prime Minister Theresa may will receive an additional trump cards in the negotiations on withdrawal from the EU, which is due to commence soon.

After careful analysis, the lawyers came to the conclusion that in reality there is no law or agreement which may force the UK to pay the money. However, they also agreed that Brussels has no legal basis to demand this payment.

Such a payment is possible, they thought, only on the basis of a settlement agreement signed by both parties.

Previously, the newspaper the Financial Times has learned that official Berlin supports the plan of the European Commission to start negotiations on trade relations with great Britain before the United Kingdom will not commit itself to pay €60 billion to the budget of the unit and to provide guarantees about the rights of EU citizens. Demanding payment from the UK was the head of the delegation of the European Union, Michel Barnier. Who wished to remain anonymous German official told the newspaper that the German government support his position.

“Any agreement under article 50 must include the guarantee of great Britain that it would pay financial obligations as a member state of the EU”, — told the German official, noting: “We agree with the European Commission.”