NYT caught attendant trump in negotiations with chief Rabbi of Russia

In the course of the campaign to search for possible contacts among the representatives of the electoral headquarters of Donald trump with the Russians, which turned the camp of political opponents of the incumbent President, the New York TImes reported that one of trump’s assistants in the summer of 2016 met with chief Rabbi of Russia Berl Lazar.

We are talking about the former head of the legal Department of the Trump Organization Jason Greenblatt, who helped Donald Trump in the election campaign. According to the newspaper, the information about the meeting was confirmed Lazar, and Greenblatt, which is currently in administration trump is special representative for international negotiations. In addition, preparation for the meeting, the newspaper said a specialist in public relations Joshua Us, which allegedly arranged the meeting.

According to Lazar, in conversation with Grinblatt it was the problem of anti-Semitism, living in Russia the Jews and the Russian society as a whole, while the chief Rabbi said that he did not discuss the agenda of the meetings with officials in the Kremlin. As stated in the article, according to Greenblatt, questions of bilateral relations in the contact time did not rise.

According to Greenblatt, in the course of the campaign, he met with several Jewish leaders, and meeting with Lazar described as “perhaps not very productive.”

Publication failed to detect evidence that the meeting discussed issues of Russian-American relations or sanctions imposed against Russia.