Fillon’s wife asked her husband to continue the fight for the presidency

In an interview with French newspaper Journal de Dimanche (JDD) Penelope Fillon said that every day asks his wife not to withdraw from the electoral race and to fight to the end for the presidency. However, she pointed out that the last word will be for themselves.

Also Penelope Fillon declared that intends “to put an end to the crazy rumors” that she received money for the alleged “fictitious work”. She claims she really worked as a carer for your husband when he was a member of the French Parliament. “He needed someone who would carry out his orders. We decided that I’m going to do. If I hadn’t accepted this job, he would have had to pay someone else,” she said.

To a journalist’s question if she knew the amounts referred to in the employment contract, Penelope Fillon responded that of course knew that sign. “Everything was absolutely legal,” she said.

Currently, Penelope Fillon is a suspect in the case of fictitious payment. Investigators say that being a carer of a spouse, and then his fellow party member Mark Julot, the woman received about 500 thousand euros of public funds. It is argued that any results of the activities of the spouse of the candidate could not be found.

The Fillon promised to publish the compensation table, received his wife in the years 1998-2002. The presidential candidate of France received a summons to court, where he will have to be March 15.

This week supporters of Fillon has announced its intention to hold a mass rally in his support in Central Paris, which they hope will come about 40 thousand people.

Meanwhile, JDD has published the results of a survey which shows that only 29% support to the Fillon represented the centre-right coalition in the election. While 64% support the mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppe, who lost Fillon in the primaries.