In the Duma stated that enriched the law on the new box office “figures”

In the Duma stated that enriched the law on the new box office “figures”

Businesses have to buy used equipment fiscal drive ten times more expensive cost, said at a meeting in the state Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi. According to the parliamentarian, the 8th center of the FSB has certified only a sample of the fiscal drive for new offices, and “certain figures” are enriched, using the gap in the law on the transition of the business to a new POS technique.

The drive earn affiliate between JSC “Atlas card”, “Rik” and ZAO “Besant”; a beneficiary is a person named Shcherbakov, said meadow. “Atlas maps” and “Besant” linked through the JSC NTTS Project, the owner of which is the “omega-KHOLDING”, LLC “RICK”, from base “SPARK-Interfax”. The co-owner of OOO “OMEGA-KHOLDING” in the database listed Shcherbakov Vladimir Alekseevich. On the website of CTO, OOO “Avangard — Elektronik” full namesake Shcherbakov named employee of the Ministry of communications of Russia and member of the Advisory-expert Council on the control and cash technique of the Federal Agency for industry.

Turn on the fiscal drives that entrepreneurs must purchase prior to July of this year, scheduled for several months. Prices for the device reach 6-8 thousand rubles at a cost of 700-800 rubles, said meadow. Until July of this year they should be provided with about 2 million entrepreneurs. “Some group of persons at the expense of the correct decisions we have taken, is enriched. The amount of enrichment is tens of billions of rubles”, — said Lugovoi.

The queue for the fiscal storage and high cost of the devices was confirmed by other participants. According to the representative of chamber of Commerce and industry (CCI), in Moscow the cost of the drive comes to 15 thousand rubles. the budget fiscal from the sale of units will not receive anything, drew attention to the meadow. According to the Deputy, the current situation is “very loud for the last 10 years, in terms of restricting competition and monopolizing the market.”

Other market participants are unable to obtain certification of their models of fiscal devices in 8-m the center of FSB: technical requirements for the device, which should be published on the official website of the Federal tax service, part — “something missing, something not said,” explained meadow. “Someone artificially, at the government level, at the level of law enforcement is doing everything to market is not a new fiscal drives,” — said the Deputy. He recalled that the same situation could arise if the implementation of the legislation on tachographs and electronic cash register (additional block of memory of cash registers, registered the amounts of all transactions; implemented 2004) — in all cases certified in the 8th center of the FSB in the first stage could only walk company “Atlas card”, which for some time was the monopoly present in the market.

Andrei Lugovoi

Photo: Vladimir Fedorenko / RIA Novosti

“In a country that is accused of interfering in the elections of the President of the United States, megapacker programmers can’t come up with some fiscal moves.” Meadow asked to present at the meeting, representatives of the FSB.

Members will direct inquiries to the Prosecutor General and the Federal Antimonopoly service with the request to understand the situation, promised a meadow. In addition, the MP intends to initiate an amendment to the legislation that will delay for at least one year of the entry into force of the law on the transition of business to the online cash register, he said . The FAS will examine the situation and follow it: the Agency, before the adoption of the law warned about the possible negative consequences for business, proposed to establish a longer timetable for its implementation, and also asked the government to establish requirements for the fiscal memory and the procedure of their certification, said the service representative.

Present at the meeting, the representative of the 8th center of the FSB confirmed that at the moment certification walked the only example of fiscal drive, not specifying who is a manufacturer. The only manufacturer fiscal drives, approved by FNS, is “RIK” wrote earlier . The market now offers drive FN-1 produced by “RICK”, ackles and microcontrollers “Atlas card”, as well as ackles “Besant”, which in 2008-2010 were more than 97% of the market ackles. The final stage is the certification process for one of the company “Shtrikh-M”, said the representative of intelligence services. In addition to these samples, the FSB had only been one, more appeals were not, said the official. “Shtrikh-M” along with “ATOL”, group of companies KKC and GK Pilot, are the largest manufacturers of cash registers in Russia. The attorney General of complaints in connection with the implementation of the law about the online box office has not been received, said the representative office. Formally, the victims in this situation there is because no of complaints responded to meadow. “So a well-constructed system of enrichment, even impossible to understand [the victim],” the amazed MP.