Medvedev instructed to improve lending conditions for importers from Russia

The Ministry of Finance and economic development ministries will have until April 5 to study the issue of creating competitive conditions of crediting of consumers of the Russian goods abroad. Corresponding instruction Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Monday, March 6.

“The Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development of Russia to develop with the participation of JSC “Russian export centre” and submit to the government proposals on the provision of competitive credit terms to foreign buyers of Russian goods and services production, including the use of government financial assets in foreign currency”, — the document says.

Instructions for crediting the ministries in the Russian investment forum in Sochi. Just following the forum, the government has prepared a 31 order on regional development, credit, subsidies, improved public management, and other topics.

So, the economic development Ministry and the Finance Ministry will also have the deadline of June 1 to study the feasibility of insurance of small business in Bank accounts. Previously such a request on the background of the situation with the banks in Tatarstan Bank asked the organization of small and medium entrepreneurship “OPORA Russia”.

In addition, the Ministry of economic development and the Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) will be required to prepare amendments limiting the creation of state and municipal unitary enterprises. Deadline — also by 5 April.

Also, the MAYOR and the Ministry of Finance on behalf of Medvedev until April 25, will explore the possibility of tax support for Russian regions “at the expense of enrollment in regional and local budgets of the amounts of growth in addition to income tax, other Federal taxes and fees”. Ministry of economic development until the end of the month will determine priority economic specialization of regions and suggest ways for their development.

Before September 1, the Ministry of agriculture, the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of economic development will have to perform a new mechanism of preferential crediting of agricultural enterprises.

The forum in Sochi was held on 27-28 February 2017.